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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Energy is always equal to skills training times leadership development to the second power!

E = MC2 - we've all seen the formula but what does it really mean?

Old Einstein had a lot more up his sleeve than fancy algebraic equations. This particular "thought experiment" still inspires discoveries of various sorts throughout the world today.

Let's jump back to earlier days in Albert's lab - a man standing at the blackboard [chalkboard] is furiously pacing up and down in his mind trying to find a symbolic representation for the entity known as energy.

He stops for a moment, screams Eureka! and proceeds to write those famous symbols, Energy is equal to Mass times the speed of light [C] to the second power. The world hears of his breakthrough and begins throwing laurel wreaths in his path, everywhere he goes, and the rest is history - or is it prologue?

In the social realm, we can easily recognize energy. We can see appearing, we can perceive it happening, we feel its presence, we know it by what it does. We all are affected by the work it performs in every area of our lives.

In a word, energy is anything which can be used to convert, produce, deliver, create, sustain, maintain, manage, inspire, elevate, resolve, extend, facilitate, nurture, nourish, starve, empower, insure or ensure, impact, affect, color, portend, imagine, suppress, reverse, challenge, model, interrogate, accept, impress, retard, propel, impede, impose, rectify, amplify, shape, craft, electrify, energize, synergize, or transcend:

  • the status quo - the state of things the way they are today.
  • the next growth opportunity
  • the future possibility
  • the problem or circumstance
  • the dream, scope or hope
  • the vision or imaged object
  • the human skill, talent, ability or potential
  • the revolution or evolution
  • the resource or thing
  • the decision or solution
  • the reformation or transformation
  • the restoration or sustainability...

So what is Mass - it is our skills and training, and what is the speed of light squared - it is our development as leaders who strongly or weakly desire to "push the envelope", challenge the status quo, dance to the eternal song of the heavens, take the gamble against the fates, embrace life with open hearts and open arms, hope for the very best, look for the silver lining, dream the impossible dream, dare to stand on the shoulders of giants, seek first the Kingdom of God and His ways of being and doing right!

There is a darkness and a light - whichever one is inside you will determine the amount of energy you show to the world.

Have you done an "Energy Analysis" of your organization? We'll show you how to do one, go to:


Monday, November 29, 2004

Develop Leadership Skills through Training and Practice!

Most leadership skills training courses and development programs cost BIG money yet yield limited, short-term results.

Another pitfall of these high-priced services is they fail to provide follow-ups or active support during and after you sit in their classroom. Most of your challenges happen after school, don't they?

Hey don't get me wrong - many trainers are pretty good on the "platform" or stage - unfortunately, you don't get to do your work on-stage, as part of some one-time show, do you?

Listen, if you need to see a well-performed, then you should spend an evening on Broadway, or in London's West End. There are lots of places around the world to see good theatre - you and I know that leadership can't be taught in a classroom or while someone stands on the stage.

In the situations facing you, you should make every effort to find, use and take advantage of every leadership skills learning opportunity youcome into contact with.

You need to learn how to employ your leadership skills in highly effective, dynamically creative and powerful ways.

How so many people could fail to be proactive in improving their leadership skills really amazes me. They say they want to try to improve their situations, but what they say and what they actually do are two completely different things.

I mean it just blows my mind to think of the number of professional types who work their tails off hoping, wishing and dreaming for more success, more recognition, more opportunities to expand their horizons.

It takes training, practice and active support to achieve anything worthwhile - maybe you have been looking in the wrong places for your answer - maybe the right place has been around the corner from you or perhaps it's been staring you in the face all this time...

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Will You Be Made Whole? Essential Skills, Developing Leadership, Training Energy!

From the Gospel of John:

John 5: 5 And a certain man was there, which had an infirmity thirty and eight years.
John 5:6 When Jesus saw him lie, and knew that he had been now a long time [in that case], he said unto him, Will you be made whole?
John 5:7 The impotent man answered him, Sir, I have no man, when the water is troubled, to put me into the pool: but while I am coming, another steps down before me.
John 5:8 Jesus said unto him, Rise, take up your bed, and walk.
John 5:9 And immediately the man was made whole, and took up his bed, and walked:

What essential skills of leaders are depicted in this passage?

1) Jesus saw and knew - He perceived, discerned, paid attention to, ascertained, observed and inspected and examined, Jesus learned and came to know, He had a feeling of knowledge, got a knowledge of perceiving.

2) Jesus' knowledge was relevant because Jesus knew, perceived, became acquainted with the fact and understood that the "certain man" had a "want of strength" (that the man had a negative "strength"), he had a "weakness," which indicates having an "inability to produce results"

3) Jesus said, affirmed over and maintained, taught, encouraged, advised, commanded, intended and pointed out with words "will you be made whole?"and "rise, take up your bed and walk."

How did Jesus help this man develop leadership?

That man's belief that he could be made whole was strengthened by the ways Jesus paid attention to and understood the man's situation and challenges, the man's faith was supported by Jesus' teachings, encouragement, affirmations and advice.

The man knew he could obey and follow Jesus' commands and therefore he used that relevant knowledge and applied it to what Jesus maintained the man could do - which is "rise, take up his bed and walk!"

Why did Jesus have to train the man's energy?

Because the man was acting on his past circumstances, he was thinking that there was only one solution to his problem, he was in a state of regret, was feeling sorry for himself and had lost most of his self-worth.

Jesus used His own ability to clearly and carefully evaluate the situation, powerfully envision the possible, devise and create an unshakable strategy, communicate the opportunity with confidence, conviction and a loving concern and use all of those leadership qualities to facilitate the man's own desire to be energized, healed and delivered out of his miserable state.

Now that's using leadership skills training and development for creating energy!

May the Lord our God bless your life today and everyday!


Saturday, November 27, 2004

Leadership skills training and development energizes your vision, it increases your hope!

There is a road less traveled - it is usually a hard one to walk on.

Having fun without worry or an ounce of regret can be much easier to come by.

With those two clear choices, leaders can take one or the other.

Which path do you think is more likely to lead to things that are worthy of acclaim and respect?

History has shown us that the best course for action is one based on hope, faith or love. Effective leaders craft visions of what their hope will look like when it becomes a tangible reality.

When you create your statement of hope

  • It must be based on worthwhile values, morals and principles,

  • It must define reasons why other people would be empowered by its achievement,

  • It must help them feel hopeful and enthusiastic about it

  • It must show others a sense of what it might look like when they see it

  • You must give it a specific, attainable and realistic quality

There are many examples of visionary leadership at its most inspiring best. Your vision should strive to be positive and vivid to others and worthy of pursuit by them, otherwise they might not be moved to follow your lead.

Let this vivid-vision serve as your example. Nobel Peace Laureate, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., positively expressed his hope as being the time when,

    "...we allow freedom to ring, when we let it ring from everytenement and every hamlet, from every state and every city,we will be able to speed up that day when all of God'schildren, black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles,Protestants and Catholics, will be able to join hands andsing in the words of the old Negro spiritual, "Free at last,free at last. Thank God Almighty, we are free at last."

In this low-cost 60-minute online course, "How to Evaluate Your Reality and Boost Your Results - You will learn the process, issues and techniques for conducting an in-depth analysis of your vision, clients, partners, plans, products, services and people.

It comes with a 10-15 page Handbook to help you transform your learning into practical results. Reserve your seat and we'll schedule a time and date to fit your calendar.

Friday, November 26, 2004

Will Your Leadership Skills Training and Development Program Boost Your Energy?

I want to examine a few of the reasons why leadership skills training and development programs affect the realms of energy-production, energy-utilization and energy-related investments.

You may not be aware of how energy manifests itself in social settings. We tend to make generalizations about social forces, impacts and conditions which should be associated with the component behaviors, attributes or factors of social energy instead.

How many times do you hear people refer to leaders as having more power than others? Have you ever thought that some people seem to be connected to the "right" people or make those connections more easily than most? Do you wonder how certain people "see" new opportunities when others only perceive problems or roadblocks?

What is power? It is only the authority, access to authority or appearance of authority possessed by a person. If you think a person has more knowledge, more experience or more of a right than you do, then, in your eyes, that person will have more power than you do.

Notice the finer point of this phenomenon called authority - authority is merely an attribute or factor of socially recognized energy - authority grants its bearer [a person] to openly and legitimately exercise a form of social behavior.

Leaders need to understand how energy is manifested, evolved and transformed - we have written an in-depth manual describing how to account for your organization's energies and defining how energy works in the context of social environments and organizational ecosystems.

You can obtain your copy of this essential collection of skills-based training and leadership development tips, practical worksheets, helpful diagrams and knowledge-rich explanations by visiting:

Leadership skills training and development builds your personal power!

Leaders invest in skills training and leadership development programs to strengthen and empower their personal infrastructures before stepping into a leadership role.

Heroes, teachers, mentors, coaches, servers, agents of influence, para- and traditional- professionals and care-givers are all performing the work of leadership in one form or another.

Each one of these individuals receive the direct inputs or sources of power - such as, the energy of envisioned significance, the power of positive role models, knowledge and wisdom gleaned from learning about the world.

These leaders share or send out streams of energy to others and to the world through their endeavors of problem-solving, decision-making, applying knowledge and exploiting new opportunity.

However, leaders who fail to consistently invest in skills training and leadership development will most likely suffer a definite loss of energy taken-in as well as energy radiated-out. These people are identified by their inability to realize their full potential, their ineffectiveness at work, along with their insignificant contributions to the organization.

These concepts are more fully examined in an article I wrote a few months back - here it is:

If you would like to reinforce the power and efficiency of your own personal infrastructure, you may want to invest in our affordable leadership skills training and development programs:

The Leadership-toolkit contains every tool you need in one place!

Your Leadership-UltraNet! is a low-cost, long-term way to strengthen and develop skills!

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Destroying the demon called "greed" - Leaders are Givers!

Today's earlier message concerned giving thanks.

I want to add these thoughts from noted author and speaker, a man who has lived his life training on the subject, developing the skills and coaching the growth of leaders, John Maxwell.

In his recent article appearing in Business First of Louisville, Pastor Maxwell shows us 4 ways to nurture and cultivate a giving spirit in our lives:

  1. Be grateful for whatever you have.

  2. Put people first.

  3. Don't let desires for possessions control you.

  4. Develop the habit of giving. Author Richard Foster made this profound statement: "Just the very act of letting go of money or some other treasure does something within us. It destroys the demon greed."

If you want to create, build-upon and strengthen the energy of your leadership skills, styles and behaviors, you should train and develop yourself to act through a flourishing, nurturing spirit of giving - the world will thank you for living for sharing yourself!

Learn more about this topic at:
[John C. Maxwell is the founder of Maximum Impact, a firm specializing in people development. Visit his website at:
Read his article at: http://louisville.bizjournals.com/louisville/stories/2004/11/22/smallb3.html]

1, 2, 3 - Giving Daily Thanks for Me!

1, 2, 3 - Giving Daily Thanks for Me!
By: Bill Thomas

How many times have you had something given to you and
been glad it came your way?

We sometimes forget how fortunate we are. We are alive in
the earth, we are aware of our lives, we are pleased to be.

Every moment of the day gives us another opportunity to
experience, expand ourselves, enjoy our existence. Yet how
many of us fail to recognize the gifts given to us? Are we
appreciative of each day and night?

An attitude, mind-set and a willingness to give thanks forms
the foundation of a healthy, cheerful, loving life. Our
hearts, minds and souls were made to be thankful - we were
designed to feel, think, be inspired to show our gratitude.

Should we ever dare to withhold recognition of the gift, we
would fall into the doomed, utter darkness of despair,
regret and sorrow.

Thanks for What You Have Had!

To be here today, you already had a yesterday. If you could
not see the gift that was given to you, you should stop now
and be thankful.

What was before came from a power, force or Will other than
your own. You simply were not able to order your own life's
beginning. You did not control, ask or wish for the events
of the past that occurred before you were born.

Any gifts you received were from all that happened in the
past to your world, your country, to your father and

Have you given thanks to the One Who arranged for you to be
a person alive, aware and here today?

Thanks for What You Have!

In the fleeting moments rushing by,
that thing we call life flashes, flickers, floats,
before it flies,
right past our minds
andout of sight of our mind's eyes.

As you read, this present comes and goes -
time will not stand or slow,
time will not stand to the side
and let you live your life, or be alive,
outside time's ceaseless chimes.

Wherefore those moments go unspent,
or be fulfilled, towards joy unsent,
we seek, we stalk, we hunt the sought,
never taking pause to think the thought,
our life is ticking time away,
it will not tarry on its way.

Thanks is what brings hope in life,
in peace it contemplates the bright,
the lights we are, the cheer revealed,
our hearts embrace the fiery zeal,
of passion for the gifts given,
all moments lived are moments lived in.

Thanks for What You Will Have!

There is humility in knowing, feeling and believing you are
not All-Powerful, Almighty, All-Seeing. We have the ability
and responsibility to make good plans and act in good faith
to bring those designs into existence.

However, there we can release the burdens, futility and
bindings we carry in our souls when we are willing to
give-up, give-in and give-over our cares to One Who is
better able to bear that baggage than we can.

Giving thanks for all that you have and ever hope to have is
a wise course of action. You can show your heartfelt
appreciation for every blessing, for each good and worthy
thing in your life to the One Whose power sustains theUniverse.

Invest a few minutes of everyday in saying your thank-yous
to the Lord of all grace, mercy and love - then watch how
your life will receive even more gifts to be thankful for!

May this Day of giving thanks for all you have, all you are and all you will be
be a time for you to celebrate the joys, hopes and blessings of life!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Training and Developing Skilled Leaders Boosts Energy!

E = M*[C*C] That's how Einstein put it! However, Albert's famous formula shows us something of even greater import...

Mass [M], which is comprised of leadership skills training and development courses or programs, when multiplied by the accelerated momentum or force of intentional application [C * C] will, in fact, create Energy [E]!"

Need more proof? When leaders are prepared to take on the challenge of discovering new innovations, leadership training or development can help those skilled leaders deliver the goods!

Working under the supervision of a skilled facilitator or trainer, leaders and their teams can apply or practice any of the following skills, such as:
- Concept, Strategy, Mind or Competence mapping,
- Strategic planning,
- Evaluating options, feasibility or decisions,
- Value-analysis techniques,
- Process engineering or functional decomposition
[want to see an example of Strategy Mapping? - check out this Map for developing a Self-directed Learning Program - each symbol links you to a website somewhere!]

These and other methods empower leaders and their teams and supply them with abundant stores of energy to find or explore new avenues towards solutions.

Those techniques are capable of generating energy in the 'mega-watt' range - in the form of new ideas, knowledge, conclusions, approaches, plans, leveraged assets, empowered resources, etc. - that's the hallmark of great leadership - they are instruments for the generation of massive amounts of human power - thus, leaders can be motivators, instigators, facilitators, fixers, campaigners, decision-makers, problem-solvers, matchmakers and more.

[Remember, Mass = http://www.syntopic.net/programs/specials/master7.html
Check that web page for even more examples of "massive", energy-generating creative leadership skills training and development programs]

If the act of leadership means any one or more of those attributes, then leadership must mean converting, capturing, sharing and radiating energy, wouldn't you agree?

I just wrote an operational manual that helps leaders or those who should be leaders learn how to capture, share, convert and radiate the vast sources of the energy available to them, it's actually

Please forgive my ambitious-sounding title - I'm raising my hand to promise you that this manual does do most of what it says it will do.

Right now, I am running a special offer to my readers and others - the manual is on sale till November 30, 2004, for only $19.95 USD - and because I want you to really into the fact that this price is a really special deal, I am calling the manual by the following title:

"Developing, Managing and Leading Creative Evolutionary Niche Strategies - How to Make the Forces of Evolution Empower Your Marketing, Entrepreneurial & Organizational Leadership, Prosperity and Growth Opportunities!"

=> The Manual includes Worksheets, Diagrams & Serious Expositions

=> It's in PDF Format - It's Compatible With All PCs and MACs

=> It comes with a FREE subscription to "Paragons of Knowledge!", a weekly metazine that's designed to empower, enrich and energize your knowledge and work skills

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=> It's a great price because I teach leadership skills training courses and workshops on this same subject for more than $97 and I charge even more for leadership skills development programs - this link provides more proof:

this is an audio post - click to play

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Leadership skills training & development creates energy!

What do I mean by the phrase: "Leadership skills training and development creates energy!"?

We usually talk about leaders exerting power, influence, being 'change agents' - we say leaders are servants, nurturers, authentic, situational, transformational or inspirational in their natures.

If the act of leadership means any one or more of those attributes, then leadership must mean converting, capturing, sharing and radiating energy, am I right?

I just wrote an operational manual for helping leaders or those who should be leaders to capture, share, convert and radiate more of the energy within their grasp, it's:

It's got a rather long, drawn-out title but you should realize that its ground-breaking exploration of this subject sort of boggled my petite mind.
Now one friend recommended calling it: "Leading the Evolutionary Organization" - I am not ready to say the manual is that comprehensive - but I guarantee that it will eventually grow to that stature - and then it will earn that best-seller sounding title!
For now, I am running a special offer to my readers and others - the manual is on sale till November 30, 2004, for only $19.95 USD - and because I want you to really opt-in to the fact that this price is a really special deal, I am calling the manual by the following title:
"Developing, Managing and Leading Creative EvolutionaryNiche Strategies - How to Make the Forces of Evolution Empower Your Marketing, Entrepreneurial & Organizational Leadership, Prosperity and Growth Opportunities!"
=> The Manual includes Worksheets, Diagrams & Serious Knowledge-rich Expositions
=> It's in PDF Format - It's Compatible With All PCs and MACs
=> It comes with a FREE subscription to "Paragons of Knowledge!", a weekly metazine that's designed to empower, enrich and energize your knowledge and work skills
=> It's a great price because I teach a 60-minute course on this same subject for $97 and I charge $125 for a 90-minute workshop - here is the link to those offerings:
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