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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Energy is always equal to skills training times leadership development to the second power!

E = MC2 - we've all seen the formula but what does it really mean?

Old Einstein had a lot more up his sleeve than fancy algebraic equations. This particular "thought experiment" still inspires discoveries of various sorts throughout the world today.

Let's jump back to earlier days in Albert's lab - a man standing at the blackboard [chalkboard] is furiously pacing up and down in his mind trying to find a symbolic representation for the entity known as energy.

He stops for a moment, screams Eureka! and proceeds to write those famous symbols, Energy is equal to Mass times the speed of light [C] to the second power. The world hears of his breakthrough and begins throwing laurel wreaths in his path, everywhere he goes, and the rest is history - or is it prologue?

In the social realm, we can easily recognize energy. We can see appearing, we can perceive it happening, we feel its presence, we know it by what it does. We all are affected by the work it performs in every area of our lives.

In a word, energy is anything which can be used to convert, produce, deliver, create, sustain, maintain, manage, inspire, elevate, resolve, extend, facilitate, nurture, nourish, starve, empower, insure or ensure, impact, affect, color, portend, imagine, suppress, reverse, challenge, model, interrogate, accept, impress, retard, propel, impede, impose, rectify, amplify, shape, craft, electrify, energize, synergize, or transcend:

  • the status quo - the state of things the way they are today.
  • the next growth opportunity
  • the future possibility
  • the problem or circumstance
  • the dream, scope or hope
  • the vision or imaged object
  • the human skill, talent, ability or potential
  • the revolution or evolution
  • the resource or thing
  • the decision or solution
  • the reformation or transformation
  • the restoration or sustainability...

So what is Mass - it is our skills and training, and what is the speed of light squared - it is our development as leaders who strongly or weakly desire to "push the envelope", challenge the status quo, dance to the eternal song of the heavens, take the gamble against the fates, embrace life with open hearts and open arms, hope for the very best, look for the silver lining, dream the impossible dream, dare to stand on the shoulders of giants, seek first the Kingdom of God and His ways of being and doing right!

There is a darkness and a light - whichever one is inside you will determine the amount of energy you show to the world.

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