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Friday, November 26, 2004

Leadership skills training and development builds your personal power!

Leaders invest in skills training and leadership development programs to strengthen and empower their personal infrastructures before stepping into a leadership role.

Heroes, teachers, mentors, coaches, servers, agents of influence, para- and traditional- professionals and care-givers are all performing the work of leadership in one form or another.

Each one of these individuals receive the direct inputs or sources of power - such as, the energy of envisioned significance, the power of positive role models, knowledge and wisdom gleaned from learning about the world.

These leaders share or send out streams of energy to others and to the world through their endeavors of problem-solving, decision-making, applying knowledge and exploiting new opportunity.

However, leaders who fail to consistently invest in skills training and leadership development will most likely suffer a definite loss of energy taken-in as well as energy radiated-out. These people are identified by their inability to realize their full potential, their ineffectiveness at work, along with their insignificant contributions to the organization.

These concepts are more fully examined in an article I wrote a few months back - here it is:

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