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Friday, November 26, 2004

Will Your Leadership Skills Training and Development Program Boost Your Energy?

I want to examine a few of the reasons why leadership skills training and development programs affect the realms of energy-production, energy-utilization and energy-related investments.

You may not be aware of how energy manifests itself in social settings. We tend to make generalizations about social forces, impacts and conditions which should be associated with the component behaviors, attributes or factors of social energy instead.

How many times do you hear people refer to leaders as having more power than others? Have you ever thought that some people seem to be connected to the "right" people or make those connections more easily than most? Do you wonder how certain people "see" new opportunities when others only perceive problems or roadblocks?

What is power? It is only the authority, access to authority or appearance of authority possessed by a person. If you think a person has more knowledge, more experience or more of a right than you do, then, in your eyes, that person will have more power than you do.

Notice the finer point of this phenomenon called authority - authority is merely an attribute or factor of socially recognized energy - authority grants its bearer [a person] to openly and legitimately exercise a form of social behavior.

Leaders need to understand how energy is manifested, evolved and transformed - we have written an in-depth manual describing how to account for your organization's energies and defining how energy works in the context of social environments and organizational ecosystems.

You can obtain your copy of this essential collection of skills-based training and leadership development tips, practical worksheets, helpful diagrams and knowledge-rich explanations by visiting:


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