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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Training and Developing Skilled Leaders Boosts Energy!

E = M*[C*C] That's how Einstein put it! However, Albert's famous formula shows us something of even greater import...

Mass [M], which is comprised of leadership skills training and development courses or programs, when multiplied by the accelerated momentum or force of intentional application [C * C] will, in fact, create Energy [E]!"

Need more proof? When leaders are prepared to take on the challenge of discovering new innovations, leadership training or development can help those skilled leaders deliver the goods!

Working under the supervision of a skilled facilitator or trainer, leaders and their teams can apply or practice any of the following skills, such as:
- Concept, Strategy, Mind or Competence mapping,
- Strategic planning,
- Evaluating options, feasibility or decisions,
- Value-analysis techniques,
- Process engineering or functional decomposition
[want to see an example of Strategy Mapping? - check out this Map for developing a Self-directed Learning Program - each symbol links you to a website somewhere!]

These and other methods empower leaders and their teams and supply them with abundant stores of energy to find or explore new avenues towards solutions.

Those techniques are capable of generating energy in the 'mega-watt' range - in the form of new ideas, knowledge, conclusions, approaches, plans, leveraged assets, empowered resources, etc. - that's the hallmark of great leadership - they are instruments for the generation of massive amounts of human power - thus, leaders can be motivators, instigators, facilitators, fixers, campaigners, decision-makers, problem-solvers, matchmakers and more.

[Remember, Mass = http://www.syntopic.net/programs/specials/master7.html
Check that web page for even more examples of "massive", energy-generating creative leadership skills training and development programs]

If the act of leadership means any one or more of those attributes, then leadership must mean converting, capturing, sharing and radiating energy, wouldn't you agree?

I just wrote an operational manual that helps leaders or those who should be leaders learn how to capture, share, convert and radiate the vast sources of the energy available to them, it's actually

Please forgive my ambitious-sounding title - I'm raising my hand to promise you that this manual does do most of what it says it will do.

Right now, I am running a special offer to my readers and others - the manual is on sale till November 30, 2004, for only $19.95 USD - and because I want you to really into the fact that this price is a really special deal, I am calling the manual by the following title:

"Developing, Managing and Leading Creative Evolutionary Niche Strategies - How to Make the Forces of Evolution Empower Your Marketing, Entrepreneurial & Organizational Leadership, Prosperity and Growth Opportunities!"

=> The Manual includes Worksheets, Diagrams & Serious Expositions

=> It's in PDF Format - It's Compatible With All PCs and MACs

=> It comes with a FREE subscription to "Paragons of Knowledge!", a weekly metazine that's designed to empower, enrich and energize your knowledge and work skills

=> Run over to the order page and pick up your copy today before the price goes up [we will sell it for $29.95 during December, 2004 and increase it to around, $39.95 in January, 2005]

=> It's a great price because I teach leadership skills training courses and workshops on this same subject for more than $97 and I charge even more for leadership skills development programs - this link provides more proof:


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