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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Innovative Leaders Must Be Savvy Experimentors

Innovative leaders who await to come across larger fields of opportunities should grab onto the innovation strategy followed by Edison.

Edison kept evaluating systems and interrogated why things worked the way they did just to delve into new ideas, reports Dr. Paul Israel of Rutgers' University, in New Jersey.

Dr. Israel, who serves as director and editor of the Thomas A. Edison Papers Project, explains how, "Some of Edison's discoveries came from experiments that were meant simply to increase his knowledge." [learn more by visiting the Edison Project website - http://edison.rutgers.edu ]

Edison's enthusiasm and curiosity paid off handsomely - how many other inventors have been as innovative or as clever as him?

Creative, innovative leaders instruct themselves to be curious - they learn the habits, behaviors and attitudes of Innovators like Columbus, Newton, Ben Franklin, Lewis & Clark, or Edison.

Leaders can expand the depth, breadth and sustainability of their innovations and capabilities by carrying out three things:

1) Commit to innovation strategies which favor and reward experimentation and exploration;

2) Pursue any and all causal factors lurking within the unexpected situation, problem or success;

3) Unmask whatever truths are hiding behind the imperfections, inconsistencies, incongruities, idiosyncrasies or impurities of life's daily problems.

Only by skillfully questioning, investigating and un-peeling the shortfalls and weaknesses in your organization, will you envision better, more reliable and efficient solutions to your tribulations.

Creatively leading and managing and innovative organization means

1) Digging into or evolving the probabilities;

2) Reaching up towards unheard-of revelations;

3) Holding onto the possibilities with all of your mind, faith and passion.

Are you positioned to lead your groups into the lands of creative, innovative and evolutionary promises? Be a leader who embraces new knowledge and ideas to probe new opportunity.

You can learn about Edison as that innovative leader who inspires, guides and enlightens us to obtain the jewels we need and illuminate our path to a prosperous tomorrow!

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