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Thursday, November 25, 2004

1, 2, 3 - Giving Daily Thanks for Me!

1, 2, 3 - Giving Daily Thanks for Me!
By: Bill Thomas

How many times have you had something given to you and
been glad it came your way?

We sometimes forget how fortunate we are. We are alive in
the earth, we are aware of our lives, we are pleased to be.

Every moment of the day gives us another opportunity to
experience, expand ourselves, enjoy our existence. Yet how
many of us fail to recognize the gifts given to us? Are we
appreciative of each day and night?

An attitude, mind-set and a willingness to give thanks forms
the foundation of a healthy, cheerful, loving life. Our
hearts, minds and souls were made to be thankful - we were
designed to feel, think, be inspired to show our gratitude.

Should we ever dare to withhold recognition of the gift, we
would fall into the doomed, utter darkness of despair,
regret and sorrow.

Thanks for What You Have Had!

To be here today, you already had a yesterday. If you could
not see the gift that was given to you, you should stop now
and be thankful.

What was before came from a power, force or Will other than
your own. You simply were not able to order your own life's
beginning. You did not control, ask or wish for the events
of the past that occurred before you were born.

Any gifts you received were from all that happened in the
past to your world, your country, to your father and

Have you given thanks to the One Who arranged for you to be
a person alive, aware and here today?

Thanks for What You Have!

In the fleeting moments rushing by,
that thing we call life flashes, flickers, floats,
before it flies,
right past our minds
andout of sight of our mind's eyes.

As you read, this present comes and goes -
time will not stand or slow,
time will not stand to the side
and let you live your life, or be alive,
outside time's ceaseless chimes.

Wherefore those moments go unspent,
or be fulfilled, towards joy unsent,
we seek, we stalk, we hunt the sought,
never taking pause to think the thought,
our life is ticking time away,
it will not tarry on its way.

Thanks is what brings hope in life,
in peace it contemplates the bright,
the lights we are, the cheer revealed,
our hearts embrace the fiery zeal,
of passion for the gifts given,
all moments lived are moments lived in.

Thanks for What You Will Have!

There is humility in knowing, feeling and believing you are
not All-Powerful, Almighty, All-Seeing. We have the ability
and responsibility to make good plans and act in good faith
to bring those designs into existence.

However, there we can release the burdens, futility and
bindings we carry in our souls when we are willing to
give-up, give-in and give-over our cares to One Who is
better able to bear that baggage than we can.

Giving thanks for all that you have and ever hope to have is
a wise course of action. You can show your heartfelt
appreciation for every blessing, for each good and worthy
thing in your life to the One Whose power sustains theUniverse.

Invest a few minutes of everyday in saying your thank-yous
to the Lord of all grace, mercy and love - then watch how
your life will receive even more gifts to be thankful for!

May this Day of giving thanks for all you have, all you are and all you will be
be a time for you to celebrate the joys, hopes and blessings of life!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


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