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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Why Must Leadership Skills Training & Development Programs Return More Than 100%?

I have to admit that when it comes to making any investment in education, I'm sort of a cheapie - I won't spend the money unless I know that I'm absolutely going to get much more than my original investment back.

I don't know about your priorities but I know that I demand a ton of convincing to invest in training especially when it deals with subjects like management, marketing or leadership.

I want to maximize my training cash because I know that good programs will continue to pay me dividends time after time.

Of course, your training program certainly needs to contain some entertaining bits and even engaging or endearing qualities too - those desirable traits are the fringe benefits or icing-on-the-cake like:
    => games or simulations that reveal hidden weaknesses or fears;

    => discussions that open up whole new realms of inquiry not related to the main subject but important just the same;

    => networking with really fascinating people who eventually become lifelong friends or associates

Whatever you do, please make sure you get clearly defined and significant returns on your training investment - if you can find a training company who guarantees their services based on improvements in your performance, then you should trust them more than any others!

When you spend your money on training are you looking for entertainment, engagement or education?.

If you want the temporary benefits of watching an action adventure movie or taking a walk in the park then go for it - but if you need to see your career prospects blossom and vibrantly grow stronger, your training investment must deliver more than a mere 100% payback [I suggest you look for programs that guarantee you returns of at least 300% over long periods of time].

My company always gives our clients a measurable performance guarantee because we know that performance-based guarantees are the ONLY realistic measure of a great training program, don't you agree?

Let's face it, leadership skills training and development is a long-term, step-by-step process, why would you want to learn this critical subject any other way?

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