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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Edison Saw Bigger - Innovative Leadership Skills Develop Big Visions & Train New Leaders

"Edison didn't just invent the electric light. [He also developed] the electricity-generating infrastructure [needed to supply the energy required to light the lights and his company built that infrastructure] complete with power stations and transmission wires.", so writes Dr. Paul Israel, director of the Thomas A. Edison Papers Project, at Rutgers University, in a recent article for Bottom Line-Personal [see Bottom Line, January 15, 2005 - and learn more Edison by visiting the Edison Project website - Edison at Rutgers University]

Edison's ability to dream big and see bigger visions created huge financial, social and developmental opportunities and windfalls for billions upon billions of people.

What good are glass-encased light bulbs without the free-flowing energy supply system needed to power them?

What do your dreams look like, are they as big as they can be? Edison's innovative leadership skills caused him to:
  • Wonder about or question why and what is possible;
  • Envision and rigorously image or imagine any and every possible benefit or positive outcome;
  • Evaluate, picture and test all the possibilities created by the invention of a light bulb.
Edison's ingenuity did not operate in a vacuum nor was his genius an isolated case - his employees applied the lessons learned from him and achieve greatness on their merit.

Samuel Insull, a former Edison employee, made his mark in the city of Chicago by pioneering the concept of a truly public, "public utility". [read about Insull here, Samuel Insull the man, the Insull empire]

Insull dreamed and believed it was possible to give all people access to the robust supply of a reasonably priced, publicly financed electric power company.

His vision and leadership made electric power available to the masses through financing schemes designed to spread the risk and lower the operating costs associated with supplying electricity to large geographic areas.

What are your visions, dreams and hopes imagining? How are your visions expanding your organization's possibilities? Who are you passing your innovative leadership skills onto?

Learn to be an innovative leader who excels at seeing the bigger picture - become a leader of a creative, evolutionary, innovative organization, today!


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