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Monday, January 10, 2005

Innovative Leaders Energize Others By Developing Desire & Training Their Service Skills

Observing the behaviors of a particular leader, I had to wonder about his real reason for attending the strategic planning workshop we were conducting.

He walked out of the conference room at least four times for less than 2 minutes each time to check up on something else that was more important to him than our group's mission.

Although he sat at the head of the table, he actually contributed nothing to the ideas, suggestions or questions being put forward by the rest of the team. We all were amazed that he had even bothered to stay there and put up with our discussions.

Afterwards, someone asked me about his attitude and I told that person that our leader was seriously into being an importer of energy. Energy importers act like black holes, they show forth no light, they take everything in but do not give energy to the people around them.

Innovative leaders are energy exporters - they shine a light on the lives of others, they give back, give away and give out their energies to empower or enlighten others.

Energy exporters make you feel charged up when you're around them, you can sense their energies combining with yours to create a positively charged atmosphere - they are electric!

Leaders who export energy, inspire you to serve the needs of people by developing your desire to contribute to another person's growth, those are the leaders who always provide you with reasons to be of service to the group's purpose.

When you lead, are your followers being developed to serve, are you training them to be skillful servants?

How often do you export your energy to create stronger connections to others and strengthen their commitment to your mission?

What do you do to export your energy -
    => Do you discuss an idea or explore an idea?
    => Do you suggest a course of action or solicit a course of action?
    => Do you review their performance or do you consult them on their performance?

Skillful leaders do not rely on a style, they depend on substance - are you the innovative leader you need to be?


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