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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Leadership Energy Develops Power & Trains People To Optimize Their Skills

Why is leadership energy so important to you and your success?
    "Is not the holy energy of true love ever sagacious, far-sighted and prophetic? Truth is not isolated: it is not a part, but the whole. It is love, and beauty, and joy. The wise man does not believe and opine, but he knows and is the very truth which he utters. His thought is action: his knowledge is love" [Emerson's Essays, by A Disciple, in the US Democratic Review Volume-16, Issue-84]

The secret of great leaders is simply this: they have a love for their purpose that sees beyond, leaps over, takes them further than and transcends all other considerations!

Innovative leaders have and employ their keen sense of perception based upon their knowledge of life's most essential truths:

    => Every situation, person and technology changes all the time;

    => Beauty is within all living things;

    => God Almighty is love, love is not a mere emotion for Him, it is His character, His purpose, His being;

    => Joy is possible, it is a state of being, thinking and becoming;

    => Truth accepts no comprises, it never partitions itself and it will not align itself with non-truths

    => The words that you say are the thoughts, feelings and hopes of your heart

Leaders develop inner power through skills training, being coached and mentored, acting in love for a better world and applying their knowledge to serve a higher purpose.

Would you like to become an innovative leader? Do you want to improve your leadership skills?

I believe you can do it, I ask you to believe in yourself and the truth of your potential.


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