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Friday, January 07, 2005

Edison Got Better - Innovative Leaders Continuously Improve Quality By Developing Skills & Training Workers

Thomas A. Edison was one of history's most productive inventor, but did you know he tried to continuously improve his inventions?

Writing in Bottom Line-Personal, Dr. Paul Israel, director of Rutgers University's Thomas A. Edison Papers Project, emphasizes how
Edison's pursuit of continuos innovation helped his companies stay out in front of their competition. Striving to achieve wise objectives like lowering costs, improving quality and adding value to his products.

Innovative leaders seek continuous improvements, value enhancements and human capital growth. Innovators search for improvements by:
  • Assessing and studying the results of their efforts;
  • Asking themselves why their results came out that way;
  • Believing in even better outcomes and results;
  • Insisting on doing things differently, more competently or thoroughly;
  • Persisting in their pursuit of finding new ways, developing better skills, training their workers to perform essential tasks

What do you do during your daily routine to improve quality, develop better skills, train your associates or partners? Have you designed your work patterns to facilitate and accomplish your goals for continuous innovation? Are you satisfied with the way things are?

Learn to be an innovative leader who continuously improves the quality of your products, the value of your services and the competence of your people - assume leadership of a creative, evolutionary, innovative organization, today!


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