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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Developing Leadership Skills versus Loser-ship Training

If you know me, you have realized that I love to play with concepts, it's just a little thing I like to do from time to time to myself honest and in good humor.

Anyway, I began that old game of mine earlier this week after seeing a leader [who shall remain nameless for now and for fear of being led by this person to the court of opinions, etc.] - as I was saying the game was afoot after my meeting with the nameless leader.

Well anyway, here we go:

    There is...

      => leading people and there is losing people

      => committing their hearts versus omitting them altogether

      => sensing their moods as opposed to menacing them

      => rendering service versus defending poor service

      => serving their needs vs. swerving from their needs

      => siding with them versus sliding away from them

      => finding solutions versus blinding them

      => giving to people as opposed to gypping [cheating] them

      => meaning something to people versus demeaning them

      => offering something to people versus offending people

      => hosting people as opposed to ghosting [presenting a false image to] them

Are you an innovative leader?

What actions do you take to improve your leadership skills?

Don't lose people lead them - become the Ultra-leader of you group today!


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