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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Edison Kept Searching - Leaders Who Develop Innovative Skills Must Train Themselves to Explore

Edison just explored his ideas or questioned why things worked the way they did, reports Dr. Paul Israel of Rutgers' University, in New Jersey.

Israel, who serves as director and editor of the Thomas A. Edison Papers Project, explains how,
    "Some of Edison's discoveries came from experiments that were meant simply to increase his knowledge." [learn more by visiting the Edison Project website - Edison at Rutgers University]

Edison's perseverance and curiosity paid off handsomely - how many other inventors have been as prolific or as clever as him?

Creative, innovative leaders train themselves to be curious - they study the habits, behaviors and actions of explorers like Columbus, Newton, or Lewis & Clark.

Leaders who want to improve their inventiveness and resourcefulness force themselves to pursue the causal factors lurking within and hiding behind imperfections, inconsistencies, incongruities, idiosyncrasies or impurities.

By skillfully questioning, investigating and un-peeling the shortfalls and weaknesses in your organization, you will discover better, more reliable and efficient solutions to your challenges.

Leading creative, evolutionary and innovative organizations means digging into the possible, reaching up to the wonderful, and holding onto the impossible with all of your might, faith and passion.

Are you ready to lead your people into the lands of creative, innovative and evolutionary promises? Be a leader who uses ideas to explore new knowledge - the leader who reveals the jewels we need to illuminate our path to a better tomorrow!

Leaders are Innovative Idea-Explorers - Learn how you can be too!


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