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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Edison Failed - Leaders Turn Failure Into Opportunities to Train & Develop New Innovative Skills

Dr. Paul Israel reports,
    "Edison used to say that he never had a failed experiment. Even when experiments went wrong, they still boosted his knowledge." [learn more by visiting Dr Israel's website - Edison at Rutgers University]

When people asked Edison to describe his feelings about failing to prolong his incandescent light bulb's filament nearly 10,000 times, Edison replied that he had discovered 10,000 ways not to prolong the life of a bulb's filament.

One of the richest sources of innovative opportunities is based on the failure of an object, approach or idea you were certain would and should have been successful.

At that point of failure, you need to make a decision, did we fail because we executed incorrectly or did we fail because we made the wrong assumptions about this thing or is there something we can do with this thing that would make it payoff?

By skillfully applying the precious knowledge gained from a failed, problematic or unprofitable venture, you can find new approaches, elegant solutions and innovative adaptations.

Leading creative, evolutionary and innovative organizations means searching for answers that cultivate, nurture and nourish your organizational competencies.

Are you ready to lead your people towards higher levels of creative, innovative and evolutionary greatness? Become a leader who uses failure to develop or increase your knowledge and discover profitable opportunities for growth, today!

Leaders are Skilled, Innovative Problem-Solvers - Learn how you can be too!


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