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Monday, January 03, 2005

Edison Speaks - Creative Leaders Develop Knowledge & Innovative Skills Through Self-directed Training

Without a doubt Thomas A. Edison was one of the greatest and most productive inventors of all time. He patented more than 1000 individual invention and after nearly a 100 years later, many of his breakthrough ideas remain in use today.

Dr. Paul Israel, author of three books on Edison's career, explains that many of his,
    "breakthroughs were the result of taking an idea from one field [of study] and applying it to something entirely different." [learn more by visiting Dr Israel's website - Edison at Rutgers University]

The best way to understand that lesson is to think of your hobbies, let's say, gardening. You know that the process of planting really entails careful preparation of the soil, elimination of weeds, ensuring proper drainage, etc. Then, let's imagine you are an office manager.

As office manager you realize that the office needs to be carefully prepared to handle its daily tasks - is there enough room for the files, will people be able to pass along their work products in an organized manner, are the requisite supplies or materials on-hand, etc?

By applying knowledge gained from some other field of study to the problems you encounter, you can find new approaches, elegant solutions and innovative adaptations.

Leading creative, evolutionary and innovative organizations means adopting work patterns that cultivate, nurture and nourish your organizational resources.

Are you ready to lead your people towards higher levels of creative, innovative and evolutionary greatness? Become an innovative leader today!

Leaders are Innovative - You can be too!


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