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Friday, December 31, 2004

Leadership's Skillful Use of Mechanical Roles in Developing Plans and Training People

During the past few days, we have looked at the roles played by leaders in the formation, implementation and execution of a strategic plan. Today we'll explore the mechanics of leadership practice in the processes of planning, doing and directing.

Aarti Iyer provides us with an intriguing outline of leadership's crucial role in the development and importance of a strategic plan:

    "Strategic planning is both a logical, rational process, and a process that involves people. It takes more than developing a plan for that plan to be implemented...we [must] consider that the critical link between planning and doing is leadership." [to read her entire article, see the Human Resources Circle discussion group in Yahoo - HRCircle at yahoogroups.com - Digest-142]

What are the mechanics of strategic leadership? We will describe what those functions could look like:

    => Engine - converting one energy source into a greater or more focused source of energy;

    => Pump - concentrating and directing a source of energy in such a way as to provide a focal point for the user of that energy;

    => Processor - manipulation of energy in such a way as to make a value, logic or null based decision to channel that original energy source;

    => Channel - a directing of or being a conduit for energy without adding or enhancing that energy source in any appreciable way;

    => Amplifier - the expansion of energy by using methods of analysis in such a way so as to increase or strengthen the original energy source;

    => Transformer - the conversion of energy into another form so as to increase or enhance the magnitude of the original energy source;

    => Synthesizer - combining or composing the elements of an energy source in such a way as to create a new or greater whole form of energy;

    => Carburetor - mixing or combining a supply of energy in such a way as to facilitate a more powerful or effective use of that energy source.

Making skilled use of leadership in these suggested roles could improve, energize and empower the success of your strategic planning process - being mechanical means being an instrument for energy flows.

Energy can not be created and can not be destroyed, energy can be re-directed, converted into new forms or released into the environment and become another form of energy.

You can also think of using these mechanical processes to develop, train and nurture the leadership behaviors, skills and competencies of your people.

Are you using the planning process to energize and electrify the commitment of your people to imaginatively exploit the opportunities of change?

In what ways could you use your strategic plan, its objectives, its perspectives or its vision to amplify, nurture and transform the power of your group?

Do you crave better ways to empower and improve the leadership skills of your people?

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