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Friday, December 24, 2004

Investments In Skills Development & Leadership Training Programs Create Innovative Energy

The numbers prove it!

Is it possible for leadership skills training and development programs to increase the bottom-line?

Do companies who invest more into educating their employees than their competitors enjoy healthier profits and greater amounts of growth than those companies who don't make similar levels of investment?

Apparently so.

Research findings are beginning to show how publicly-traded firms who invest in developing their human capital report higher profits over time than other public companies. Factors like large increases in productivity, innovative solutions and service value leadership form the basis of these conclusions.

In the Third Quarter 2004 issue of the "Milken Institue Review", authors, Laurie Bassi and Daniel McMurrer, report that predictive metrics based on training program investment levels confirm strong indications of optimized performance in public companies.

    After sifting through the financial performance data of US public companies, we wanted to learn if "employer investment in skills really did pay off."

    Bassi and McMurrer data shows results of a stock portfolio invested in high-training firms versus the Standards and Poor's 500 Index over a 48-month period proved their point. "The results were clear: firms that made large investments in employee development subsequently outperformed the stock market."

If your company does not invest in developing your leadership skills, maybe it's time for you to do so yourself. It works for companies and it can work for your own career success too.

Affordable training programs can be effective in helping you to think right about becoming a competent leader. I have friends who have used courses like those to empower themselves and attain success in all areas of their lives!

You'll discover that


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