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Saturday, December 18, 2004

Leaders Skilled in Giving, Develop, Train & Shape The Greatest Innovative Leaders

Giving others your time, support and smile, blesses them. Our friend and fellow leader, Tracy, passionately gave others all of those things and more.

We have heard it said that God gave humans two ears and only one mouth for a good reason. Even though Tracy has passed on to more glorious pastures, we will remember how she used her mouth to smile.

However, what God actually told us is that, "death and life are in the power of the tongue". Tracy put the meaning of that sentence into everyday practice - she only opened her mouth to say those supportive things she sincerely wanted to bring into existence!

Powerful leaders tend to say very little in terms of non-essential stuff, Tracy's words were uttered solely to proclaim the very visionary, loving or meaningful.

So what is loving or meaningful to other people? Their needs, desires and fears are the most important things to them. People will always reveal those feelings or thoughts about themselves through spoken and unspoken communications.

That's why Tracy made it her mission in this life to share her joy, caring concern and time with others. Those laudable traits were the primary reason why so many people will miss her and follow her lead for the rest of their lives.

First, Tracy always listened to and learned more about our concerns, then she spoke to help us fulfill and satisfy those needs.

That's why, Tracy was skilled in giving, because through her leadership she shaped, developed and trained her world to become the greatest - just like she was.

Farewell and God's speed to you, Tracy - your leadership style energized our creativity and innovative ways and empowered us all to attain success.

We will think right and endeavor to live our lives in a manner which upholds your noteworthy examples of leadership.



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