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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Skillful Leaders Train & Invest Their Energy Into Developing Innovative Solutions

"Trouble is only opportunity in work clothes." - Henry J. Kaiser, American Industrialist

Problems are unavoidable challenges of living. The leader who develops a habit of avoiding problems is no leader at all.

Powerful leaders welcome encounters with problems - they know the potential benefit of something better, or a more effective process waits on the other side of solving their problem.

I use a quick 4-step formula to approach, diagram and finish every problem-solving task:

    1) What situation are you in?
    2) What 'problems' do you see there?
    3) What are the implications of keeping or solving your problems?
    4) What kinds of payoffs do you need or want to come out of your solutions?

Great leaders train their minds and develop their skills to
  • Develop a success-oriented mental attitude
  • Think right, analyze and recognize trouble coming,
  • Put on their work clothes and get to work with purpose
  • Energize themselves to passionately struggle and plough through uncertainty
  • Reveal and polish the hidden jewels of opportunity, value or innovation.

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