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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Beyond the Fifth Dimension - How Skilled Leaders Develop & Train People to be Innovative, Creative Evolutionary Leaders

You have probably seen definitions for the three traditional dimensions of leadership styles, to wit:
  1. Autocratic [bossy],
  2. Democratic [participative] and
  3. Delegative [free reign].

However there are other styles besides those three. These styles deal with the added dimensionality of leading, managing and working within a world which
  • Experiences ever-increasing complexity in its relations, assumptions and perceptions
  • Demands that everyone become more creative and innovative in their thinking
  • Views the forces of evolution as being more preferable to the influence of revolution
I believe these other styles are more congruent with the challenges of today's knowledge-based economy - that means those styles enable leaders to:
  • Establish more pliable and flexible networks
  • Manage the intensely dynamic nature of today's relationships and technologies
  • Strengthen the connectedness and competence of various alliances, joint ventures and partnerships.

In a word, these other styles expand the dimensions of the leader's mission to:

    - Assemble disparate knowledge assets into newer, more appropriate and sensible configurations,
    - Connect diverse resource pools with human capital components [that is, social, intellectual, production and developmental capital];
    - Empower organized efforts to process, digest and master the forces of ever-changing scenarios.

Have you learned how to lead a creative, innovative, evolutionary organization yet? Transform yourself into an innovative leader today!


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