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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Recognition Energizes Ways Skilled Leaders Train & Develop People to Live Passionately

When you pay deep and sincere attention to someone, you have a better opportunity to ask for and receive their full cooperation and unwavering support.

Ever talked much about yourself with one person and watched their eyes glaze over from the sheer boredom of hearing your tale?

Now, have you ever lost your way without a clue of where to go next and had a total stranger practically take you by the hand and personally guide you to your destination?

Why would one person fall asleep concerning your needs while another would go completely out of their way to serve your interests?

Let us examine the differences.

In one case, you paid attention to your thoughts and feelings. Your conversation was mainly self-directed talk. You really did not need the other person to participate in the discussion. You were not seeking their input or feedback.

In the other situation, you did the following things
  • you gave your complete attention to their opinions and suggestions,
  • you listened to their knowledge and wisdom,
  • you offered them the ability to serve a greater good,
  • you experienced their kindness and love for another person,
  • you satisfied their hope for positive feedback on their contributions and
  • you recognized their empowerment of your growth.

Do you see how it works? It is hidden within those acts of assistance.

The best ground for developing, training and energizing your people is found where the soil is the most fertile, nurturing and nourishing.

Cast your seeds in the place where you can elicit, enlist and enhance your group's staunch commitment for, fully engaged participation in and sincerely recognized contribution to the growth potential of that important project, campaign or mission.

Leaders give people a realistic, sincere and meaningful chance to blossom.

Think right.

Go for winning their hearts and minds.

Then go for winning the gold and attaining success!



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