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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Create Energy Using Your Leadership Skills Training and Development

You can be a successful leader who channels energy, boosts creativity and empowers the growth of others by learning how to leverage your human capital assets.

People have a tendency to add value to the circumstances oftheir lives. We normally act "organically", that means, we are creatures who seek to cultivate, nourish and multiply ourselves.

It's natural to think of those arenas where we exercise our value-appreciating desires as "capital asset" areas.

There are 4 distinct places where we perform our value-enhancements:

  1. Production - the ability to create, evaluate, perform,deliver, process, supply, execute, apply, produce and manyother "functional" activities.

  2. Knowledge - may be thought of as having an ability to think,analyze, conceive, extrapolate, interpret or translate andother mental, reasoning, cogitating or intellectual actions.

  3. Social - the forming of relationships, communities, teams,partnerships or alliances, the developing and sustaining ofnetworks, interactions, exchanges or transactions with andbetween other people.

  4. Utilization - concepts involving capabilities towards,growing, improving, enhancing, evolving, developing,learning, educating and progressing beyond one's innate ornatural ability - an ability to act towards and achieve thefulfillment of one's potential

Your leadership training program should show you how to analyze, define and perform the most important task of a leader's job - that is, to enrich human capital.

This leadership skills development manual helps leaders like you assess, dissect, evaluate and improve the value-energizing capabilities of your team or organization. It contains worksheets, checklists, diagrams and in-depth explanations of how to enrich your human capital assets.


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