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Monday, February 09, 2015

Are You A Strategically Effective Leader

Ever asked yourself why certain leaders always discover new innovations and growth opportunities?

Are you curious to learn how those same leaders quickly transform their organizations and achieve greater successes?

Looking the various accounts of high-level leaders, and drawing upon the experienced adventures of my clients, I notice a pattern of focused mental blueprints that these leaders follow and share in their leadership practices.

"James Dolan, executive chairman of The Madison Square Garden Company, said: "Gregg's leadership abilities and strategic perspective have made enormous contributions to the success of Cablevision, and..."
Strategically effective leaders realize the importance of identifying and pursuing their most urgent missionary objectives. And in most situations, no other person can define or will even correctly communicate those goals for those leaders - meaning that every leader must know how to analyze and determine their own objectives.

I also found that most leaders of legend craft ways to elegantly empower, structurally authorize and confidently deploy their key resources on priority activities.

However, the really important insight about those executives, managers and entrepreneurs who reflect that high standard called legendary leadership, is that they use a mental construct or operational blueprint which keeps their attention on their most significant contributions!

Legendary leadership is rigorously entrepreneurial in its approach, transformational in its intentions, philosophical in nature and professional in its methods.

Matt Levatich Appointed Harley-davidson Ceo Starting May 1, 2015

"...development, manufacturing and retail capabilities, the strategic plan has had a major focus on leadership development and further strengthening the Harley-Davidson brand.We have accomplished a lot to reposition..."
Can you learn what you must do to be a leader of legend, and do you see how you could become a legendary leader? 
Yes, you can learn, practice and master the techniques, processes and strategies of legendary leadership with the guidance, support and advice of a wise experienced leadership educator - want proof, then take a look at this uniquely custom-tailored program for leaders who wish to "up their game", like you!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

3 Leadership Training Programs Mistakes That You Make Everyday!

Most professionals, executives and entrepreneurs do not believe it!

But you along with most of them are making the exact same 3 mistakes every single day.

You are relying on leadership training programs that you have attended and (probably) graduated from in the past.

Good for you, but as many experts would agree with me concerning the practice of leadership - if you are not learning everyday, then you're not being as effective a leader as you could be!

In these challenging times we find ourselves in, you really need to stop making the same mistakes everyday too, don't you?

What are these so-called mistakes?

  1. Leading people means you need to have the attitude, skills and use the processes of a world-class professional - competencies like superior research, quality controls and management, value analysis and engineering, sales and selling, written and oral communications, negotiation, superb reading speed and comprehension, mapping, modeling and diagramming, and so on and so forth;
  2. Leading people means you need to possess strengths and high levels of emotional intelligence, spirituality, self-reliance, a positive mental attitude, self-esteem, unflappable faith, moral and ethical integrity, self-determination and persistence and so many similar personal strengths, resources and abilities;
  3. Leading people means you must have stellar team, organizational, innovative, creative, inspirational, transformational, personal, educational, professional, social, political, ecological, entrepreneurial leadership skills, processes, policies, philosophies, knowledge and expertise.

  1. Are you making the mistake of not getting leadership training that addresses all of the above requirements?
  2. Are you thinking that you don't need to know or that you don't have to become an excellent performer in doing all those things listed above?
  3. Are you feeling like I am being unreasonable, unrealistic or unbelievable in my expectations for your leadership growth, improvement and resourcefulness?
Well, are you? If so, then you are making the 3 mistakes I mentioned earlier, aren't you?

Stop making the same mistakes over and over again, while expecting a different result (Einstein called that kind of thinking, insane!)

Use this leadership training program to get a better and very different result!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Leadership Skills Training Program Concepts

Leadership Skills Training Program Concepts & Issues

There are so many elements to the practice of leadership, and so many approaches to leadership training programs that make descriptions little more than a glimpse and wink!

As I try to once again briefly describe, define and entice others to learn more about the development of leaders, I offer this very short (yet hopefully, informative) video for your thoughts and review.

After viewing this video, please feel free to visit the website mentioned and grab the goodies on offer there (you might even be moved to take advantage of bonus packages too)!

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Visionary Leadership Power Tools!

Visionary Leadership Power Tools, Books and Video Tutorial on CD-ROM

Why did we create a CD called "Visionary Leadership Power Tools"?


And no matter how dark, dire or desperate the circumstances
facing you, you MUST have a crystal-clear, uncompromising
picture of your desired future - here's a vision statement that
overcame the WORST adversity and went on to inspire the people
who won the Second World War!

"Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory
however long and hard the road may be: for without victory there
is no survival " - Sir Winston Churchill, May 13, 1940

"As you think in your heart [your mind, will and emotions], so are you"
- Proverbs 23:17

Take Control of Your Daily Challenges
Find Winning Solutions to Your Problems
Discover New, Life-Empowering Opportunities!

Learn How To Take A Vision-Quest, Extend Your Strategic Horizons, Set Your Leadership Priorities, Stay Focused on Your Goals, Eliminate Time-Wasters and Track Your Daily Progress!
Use the Tools in Your Power-Packed CD-ROM!

Effective leaders weave tapestries full of vision-based patterns colored by compelling themes, ideas and principles.

History's most successful leaders have used challenging, worthy and energetic visions.

"Where there is no vision, the people perish." - that's how wise King Solomon [in Proverbs 29:18] describes this most essential truth of the human condition.

We humans need to know where, why and how we are going to reach for a dream, goal or objective.

"There is no vision but by faith." Reverend Walter Chalmers Smith tells us that progress is achieved only when faith-filled works, sacrifices, and thoughts rule our actions.

In his ode we glimpse the broad scope of faith-filled leadership, viz., "Where sons of God yield up their breath; There is no gain except by loss; There is no life except by death; There is no vision but by faith."

The Salutation of the Dawn, from the Sanskrit, gives us a great way to lead, live and enjoy every single day:

"Listen to the exhortation of the Dawn!
Look to this day!
For it is Life, the very life of life.
In its brief course lie all the Verities
and Realities of your existence;
The bliss of growth,
The glory of action,
The splendor of beauty.
For Yesterday is but a dream,
and Tomorrow is only a vision;
but Today well-lived makes every
Yesterday a dream of happiness,
and every Tomorrow a vision of hope,
Look well therefore to this day!
Such is the Salutation of the Dawn."

Your "Visionary Leadership Power Tools!" CD-ROM contains:
  • 5 Knowledge-rich Handbooks and Executive Guides
  • 2 Software Programs & Tools (to create descriptive maps of your Vision-Quest and improve your leadership performance on a daily basis)
  • Video Tutorial (with written transcript) entitled: "Principles, Strategies & Concepts of the Empowered Envisioning System"
We can mail or ship your CD-ROM to 75 countries - when you order
your CD before Midnight, US-Eastern Time (New York City), June
30, you will save $10 and I'll send you a bonus copy of our
Executive Guide: "How To Totally Prepare Yourself for Awesome


God bless you and be well...

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Leadership Power CD for Executives, Managers, Supervisors, Professionals and Entrepreneurs

501 Proven Strategies, Techniques & Tools to Improve Your Leadership Skills!

It's Time For You To Grab Your One and Only Complete Leadership Energizer System!

Now You Can Master the Dynamic Drivers of Legendary Leaders for Your Professional & Personal Success!

This Practical, Power-Packed, Knowledge-Rich CD, includes all these tools and educational materials:

  1. The 217-page Leadership Power Handbook - Equips, Empowers & Illuminates You!
  2. Comprehensive Adventurous Expeditions Into Clever and Creative Leadership Solutions!
  3. Awe-Inspiring Strategies to Boost & Elevate Your Leadership Power!
  4. Your Daily Leadership Performance Improvement Journaling (Software) Tool

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Leadership Power Handbook Now On CD!

"The Leadership Power Handbook and Journaling Tool
Mastering the Dynamic Drivers of Legendary Leaders for Professional & Personal Success! "
Now Available on CD

Call me old fashioned but I love how these web technologies have opened up whole new opportunities to publish, promote and distribute our work! Think of it, just a mere 15 years ago, the publishing game was played by an exclusive club of big-moneyed, small-minded publishers.

Anyway, I just had to boast a bit about our latest publication: it's the CD-version of the Leadership Power Handbook and Journaling Software Tool - it includes:
  1. the 217-page Leadership Handbook
  2. 42 pages of Creative, Leadership Energizing Strategies
  3. the Leadership Performance Improvement Journaling Tool
I have priced the CD at a really low launch special price: only $29.95 plus shipping and handling but I am sure to raise this price before the end of January-2008 - so if you are a trainer, manager, consultant or professional looking for a great deal for your leadership skills training or executive leadership development library and programs, I suggest you pick this beauty up ASAP (before we raise that price)!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Leadership Power Handbook Christmas Holiday Gifts Bundle!

Leadership Power Handbook Christmas Holiday Gifts Bundle!

What's That?
Call it a gift incentive...
Think of it as a bold bribe...
See it for what it is - a BIG, Book, Bonus, Bundle
(more than 28 great personal and professional development books!)

What's It About?
I want to make it IMPOSSIBLE for you to resist, you have until December 31, but I am convinced you will want to grab this MASSIVE enticement for yourself way before then...

What'll I Get?
It's the Leadership Power Handbook 2007 Holiday Bonus Bundle!

What's In The Deal?
A 201 page paperback Leadership Power Handbook, or use the downloadable version of the Leadership Power Handbook PLUS 3 bonus books, PLUS 12 More bonus books, PLUS 12 more secret bonus books all for you or you can send the Handbook itself as a gift from you to your family, friends or colleagues...

What Should I Do?
Check out this page and place your order for the Handbook today - just in time for Christmas, New Year's Day resolutions or whatever holiday gifts bundle ideas you're looking for!
Leadership Power Handbook

When you complete your order with our publisher, Lulu Publishing Inc., they will send you an email with a link for you to grab your bonus book bundles [ALL 28+ books] - all you do after that is download your books!

What's It For?
Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Thank you and God bless...