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Monday, April 28, 2008

How Can Executive Leadership Training Energize Your Visionary Leadership Skills?

Executive leadership training programs can sharpen and focus your strategic vision.

When you acquire the skills, expertise and processes of visionary leadership you magnify and telescope the effectiveness of your leadership behaviors.

In today's globally competitive economy, all professionals, supervisors, managers and entrepreneurs must participate in executive level leadership training.

Your executive leadership training programs should prepare you to create strategic leadership visions that can meet the challenging demands of leading your projects, operations, employees and the activities of other stakeholders.

The principles and concepts of strategic leadership enables executives to formulate, communicate and execute on their powerfully compelling visions. What ingredients give your visions energy and inspire people to take positive actions?

Engage Them!

Your strategic visionary leadership challenge is to discover ways of blending together three essential ingredients for added spice and flavor in the aroma of your vision:

    1) Map It - show them the avenue leading to bountiful opportunities and hidden treasures
    2) Model It - reveal how all the moving parts will work together when you flip the switch
    3) Diagram It - draw out the specs, structures, synergies and signposts behind the vision

Empower Them! Most executive leadership training, coaching and development programs need to invest more effort and devote additional time to teaching the fundamentals and strategies of human capital enrichment.

Executive leaders must practice and master the ability to focus their attention and concentrate their energies on:

    => Constantly adjusting and adapting robust systems for empowering their employees, associates, partners and key stakeholders;
    => Deploying reliable, failure-resistant systems for producing successful individuals and outcomes;
    => Turning their management-dominated strategic planning exercises into a "total employee involvement programs"

In this Age where imaginative applications of Knowledge are the primary source of competitive advantage, it is foolish to rely on anything less than executives who expertly inspire and leverage their people's potential through strategic, visionary leadership practices.

Encourage Them! The acid test for executive leadership training programs reveals itself through these criteria:

  1. Do leaders exhibit the kinds of desirable personal, organizational and societal traits, values and work patterns within their strategic leadership behaviors?
  2. Are visionary leadership attributes - such as, continuous learning and growth, an eagerness or greediness for new things and a unshakable commitment to embrace broader perspectives - embedded in this executive leader's DNA?
  3. Which components, if any, of your leadership agenda are driven by the human capital developmental priorities of your strategic visions?

Without a vision, the people perish but every vision needs to be supported by hope which at its root describes:

    - Behavioral models which honestly reflect a set of high ideals,
    - An open exchange of, interactions with and search for new ideas,
    - A daily agenda that actively promotes excursions into self-discovery, professional education and community enrichment

Without all these seeds, your organization's strategic vision will find itself bleeding the emotional, spiritual and psychological strengths it needs to survive, flourish and thrive.

So the question remains: how does your executive leadership training programs develop your strategic leadership skills, visionary leadership competencies and proficiency in enabling, educating and enriching your human capital assets?

It's simple, really. You use all the principles, concepts and techniques described in this article to educate, train and develop the visionary leadership skills of your managers and professionals!

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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Strategic Leadership Agendas, Behaviors and Planning

Strategic Leadership Agendas, Behaviors and Planning

"Forward, as occasion offers. Never look round to see whether
any shall note it... Be satisfied with success in even the
smallest matter and think that even such a result is no trifle."
- Marcus Aurelius

Every leadership activity creates an opportunity for growth,
progress and well-being - that's why effective leaders establish
ambitious agendas, depend on strong strategic platforms and act
through authentic behaviors.

How do the smallest of leadership activities move you forward on
your journey to success? It's simple, lead your people through
powerful leadership agendas driven by disciplined strategy and
act out of consistent, competent behaviors.

Leading With A Robust Agenda

Your primary leadership task involves setting a worthwhile
agenda. Your agenda should identify the key priorities required
to transform your vision into a successful, prosperous and
viable reality.

Your leadership agenda focuses the group's attention on balanced
growth, clear directions and definite beliefs - agendas become
powerful when they give you the ability to:
  1. Manage the ebb and flow of your visions,
  2. Order the priorities of your strategy,
  3. Direct the application of your leadership work patterns,
  4. Select your most effective leadership styles,
  5. Perform various leadership roles with finesse and confidence.
Your agenda acts like the central nervous system of your
leadership activities, it keeps your hope alive and informs you
on the health, stability and wellness of your team, your
enterprise and your effectiveness.

I suggest you employ your leadership agenda and use it to
oversee, optimize and organize your meetings, operations and
interactions with others. Robust leadership agendas endeavor to
address seven broad and critical areas:
  1. Security - it's not a wall but a warm embrace,
  2. Universe-focused Frontiering - seeking to go "where no one has gone before",
  3. Power - energy supplies, generation & usages,
  4. Guidance - direction, governance, compliance,
  5. Wisdom - understand, discern, judge,
  6. Syntropy - acceptance, association, empowerment
  7. Conceptualizing - infer, think, imagine.

Leadership Strategy Provides The Discipline & Will-Power You Need

A properly constructed strategy defines the approach, direction
and intention required for each and every situation your group

However, your leadership strategies must fulfill all three of
those definitions to ensure a successful journey towards
realizing your vision.

Transforming your strategy into a set of guideposts,
navigational charts and maps empowers you to create, organize
and manage your action plans.

While the substance of your strategic planning efforts do not
always prepare you for the actual conditions on the fields of
engagement, competent strategies do provide disciplined support
for moving closer to and attaining your important objectives.

Strategic intent serves as a basis of inspiration for your
followers - because when people connect with and commit to the
stated intentional ideals of your strategy, its meaning
encourages them to become evangelists and mission leaders for
your cause.

Generally, the leadership activity of strategic planning must
enable you to:
  1. Engender a sense of confidence, trust and positive self-regard throughout the group
  2. Define responsibilities, interactions and accountability
  3. Exercise control, channel energy and evaluate inputs
  4. Judge performance, priorities and progress
  5. Guide the process and dynamic forces of change
  6. Erect flexible structures, strengthen weaknesses, bridge gaps
Adapt Your Leadership Behaviors To Honor The Vision!

Leaders serve the needs of multiple constituents. Your
leadership services demand that you work with different
environments, people, resources, plans and dynamic situations.

Your leadership duties compel you to be consistent, fair and
honest in all that you do. However, there are essential
attitudes, consistent behaviors and an enduring focus you must
integrate into your activities.

There are occasions when your actions may be based on conflicted

For instance, you may be involved in building a new product or
process - at other times, you may need to reach out in
charitable gestures to others or your soft-spoken nature may
have to yield to the pressures of a merciless timeline.

Regardless of your leadership activity - your motives will be
fully challenged throughout the tenure of your leadership.

On many occasions, you will seriously question the state of your
mental attitude - you'll ask yourself, if you are just trying to
put a good face on a bad situation or are you operating out of a
negative, defeated mind set?

You will really want to find out if you are being flexible or
dynamic enough in your nature and intensity of purpose? And of
course, you will need to determine if you are open to and
accepting of a wide diversity or variety of viewpoints?

In the final analysis, the more confident and positive your
attitude the greater your capacity will be:
  • for adapting your leadership behaviors to fit the values and beliefs of your vision
  • for aligning your attitude to meet the emotional, operational and mental stress of your challenges,
  • for seeing, believing in and actively energizing your group's potential,
  • for exploiting the opportunities brought about through change,
  • for being ready and willing to pursue new directions, ideas and different facets of the strategy.

Sir Winston Churchill made this wise observation concerning the
future possibilities of all your leadership activities: "A
pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist
sees the opportunity in every difficulty."

Which kind of leader do you want to be? What color is your
vision? How extensive is your leadership agenda? In which
direction will your strategies take us? Will your leadership
behavior remain faithful to the intentions of your visionary

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