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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Leadership Training Seminars - Before, During or After!

Leadership Training Seminars - Before, During or After!

Before we go any further, I want to set something straight - if you are like many of our readers, you are a professional employee who creates, enhances and communicates knowledge, you are also expected to devise imaginative solutions, plus you are either a thought leader, a departmental or team leader or you have responsibilities (and a limited amount of time) to perform both roles (and quite a few of you have senior executive duties too)!

Now I ask you, am I right about you so far?

But you know what else? You have "space-time" (time and place) constraints along with new knowledge acquisition and skills improvement challenges - but guess what?

There are solutions to your dilemmas. Want proof?

You're going to love this...

Yes, we do have Leadership Training Seminars at very low prices, but best of all, take a look at these solutions

To begin with, you can pick and choose from any one of 60 unique time slots each and every week for your Seminar class session, so what's the result?

You'll be glad to know that regardless of where in the world you live or work, you can attend your Webinar BEFORE going to work, DURING your working hours or AFTER work - the bottom line is... you can schedule your class time to fit your schedule (weekends included)! And, if something comes up, you can easily re-schedule your class.

Second, we pack the latest and greatest leadership techniques, strategies and discoveries into every one of our courses - here's something else, our Seminar course materials are based upon reliable, benchmarked, best practices - in short, you'll learn and acquire new knowledge that's been researched, proven and reality-tested by ourselves and other experts.

Last but not least, you will learn the "what, why, wherefore and the how-tos" of the Subjects being featured in your Seminar - it all comes down to this important fact - the purpose of your Seminar is to improve your performance, enhance your contributions to your organization and energize your creativity.

How can you beat all these facts?

I'll tell you how...

The simple truth is this - for just $39.95 $29.95 till Midnight, tonight, you can learn the Subjects covered in any of these 60-minute, Live, Web-based Leadership Training Seminars...

    SE-309 = 3 Action Strategies for Mastering the 9 "C's" of Leadership

    SE-350 = Making Effective Strategic, Tactical & Operational Leadership Decisions

    SE-401 = Coaching Strategies and Techniques to Improve Performance & Strengthen Employee Commitment!

    SE-501 = Constructing Purpose-driven, Competitive & Truly Creative Strategic Plans - To Engage, Empower, Encourage Your Entire Organization!

    SE-235 = Employing the 7 Essential Behaviors of Leadership To Execute, Produce and Supervise With Excellence

    SE-385 = Developing Discipline in Your Strategic Leadership and Operational Execution

    SE-410 = How To Be A Great Coach, Consultant and Mentor To Your People

Need I say anything else?

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Leadership Training Seminars Develop Your Strengths!

Leadership Training Seminars Develop Your Strengths!

Leadership training comes in all shapes and sizes - it's not my intention to go into great detail here, however, if you will permit me, I will try to quickly and generally cover the principal ideas underlying this topic.

Leadership development methods involve:
  • Coaching to address evident gaps in skills, behaviors, or confidence
  • Training programs developed either within or outside your organization
  • Networking to share ideas and techniques with others
  • Mentoring to become more aware of how others respond to you
  • “Stretch” assignments to learn on the job
  • Lateral transfers to different parts of the company
  • Benchmarking against your peers in other companies
  • Working outside your comfort zone to expand horizons and experiences
Leadership training and development is an on-going process and leadership competence seldom emerges quickly. Growing the fruits of these efforts does make demands on your time and takes practice, trial and errors on your part.

Within this process of development, you will learn about your strengths, weaknesses and how you tend to respond to various types of leadership challenges, situations and issues.

Hopefully, you will derive a number of benefits from these obstacles and roadblocks, such as these:
  • you will discover new ways to apply this knowledge;
  • you will find out how to reliably assess or evaluate what works for you;
  • you will accept your understanding of what doesn’t for you;
  • your knowledge will help you plan what to do and what to avoid doing when the next opportunity arises.
So, what is the easiest, least painful way to learn which leadership skills, competences or attributes you might need additional support or developmental for?

It's simply this - why not take a few short leadership training seminars and find out the truth?