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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Powerful Leadership Strategies Demand Skills Training and Asset Development

Leadership Power Principle - Strategies are for Drivers!

Strategy is for those leaders who yearn to get there! Your vision may sound pretty and look nice but without a vehicle you won't be able to take your vision on that special date.

Your leadership power gets most of its energy from a strategy that just begs to be driven. Your strategy can help you sustain the momentum and force of your vision.

In my time, I've seen plenty of ugly cars, trucks and trains but they all had one thing in common - they would take you wherever you wanted to go and could make the journey of getting there just as exciting, memorable and comfortable as any roadway beauty.

Your strategy's success depends on your attention to these actions:

    1) Training your people to be independent creative thinkers

    2) Develop your assets to carry all of the burdens of your strategy

    3) Constantly groom your group's skills through practical application of your strategic initiatives

You will need to drive your strategy

    => by steering towards your stretch goals,

    => by filling-up with the right resources,

    => by using a roadmap to navigate through the thorny areas

    => by measuring the effectiveness of its progress andexecution.

Take a page from my Book, "Leading A Creative, Evolutionary, Innovative Organization!" and focus all of your training, coaching and developmental efforts on your group's leadership skills - your strategy will enjoy the ride!



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