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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Leadership Development and Leadership Coaching on the Radio!

Exploring Leadership Landscapes!

This 30-minute, Web-based Radio Show is called: "Exploring Leadership Landscapes - More Adventures in Leadership Practice!"

In our new, longer format show, we'll wander around, walk upon, travel through, dive into, slide underneath and fly over the diverse, bumpy yet fascinating landscapes of leadership practice.

Specifically, our journey will deliver us directly to the definitions, descriptions, demarcations and delineation of leadership positions, the awesome assembly of leadership authority and the prodigious panoramas and pillars supporting the scope of leadership controls...

In our quest to go beyond traditional, plain-vanilla leadership training or the rote repetitions of the usual leadership skills development coaching sessions or courses, we want to seek out and discover answers to the kind of questions effective leaders crave for their growth and development.

So you should tune-in, open-up and be on-time!

The Show begins at 12:00 PM, US-Eastern (that's GMT -5 hours or see the World Clock for your LOCAL show times for major cities & countries)

Our new show will be broadcast on Tuesday, August 19, 2008, from 12:00 PM till 12:30 PM (or longer), US-Eastern Time (New York - GMT -5 hours - see World Clock for your local times). This show is presented live each and every Tuesday at this same time and we're using the convenient BlogTalkRadio services.

I, Bill Thomas, will be your host and discussion leader for these live Shows which are broadcast every Tuesday (or Wednesday - depending on where you are located!

*** How You Can LISTEN To or PARTICIPATE In The Show ***
Simply VISIT Our Radio Channel Home Page to work the controls!
BEFORE the show goes on the air, PUSH the "Set Reminder" button!

When the radio Show is in-progress, and being broadcast, you can
PUSH the "Click to Listen" and the "Chat Available" buttons -
use those 2 buttons to JOIN in our on-air discussion & survey for FREE!

Awesome Leaders Win!
Leadership Training Radio Program News

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