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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Visionary Leadership Precedes Strategic Planning!

Visionary Leadership Precedes Strategic Planning!

Which comes first? The vision or the strategy?

The simple answer is "vision". The answer to "Why" is much more involved.

In a word, you use strategy to enable your ability to drive and make your approach towards objectives. Yet, you need your vision to see and recognize your objective when you get there.

In these troubling times - with natural disasters, complex economic dilemmas, a transitioning workforce, and competing paradigms challenging leaders on a daily (almost hourly) basis - you need to have, communicate and embrace the precepts of visionary leadership.

  1. How to quickly generate powerfully new, yet realistic ideas, hopes and dreams and then transform them into an energizing and attainable strategic vision;
  2. How to clearly communicate vivid images of your goals or objectives that enlighten the hearts, minds and hands of your associates, partners and key stakeholders;
  3. Techniques you can use to magnetically attract the ideals of growth, possibility and excellence to the strategic vision and all the activities your organization engages in;
  4. Use your strategic visioning skills to boost, amplify and magnify the efficacy of your leadership behaviors and meet all the challenging demands of leading your projects, operations, employees and providers;
  5. How creating your own comprehensive visionary leadership agenda cultivates and enriches the energies and power of your entrepreneurial, strategic, business development or market growth opportunities;
Our CD-ROM, entitled: "Visionary Leadership Power Tools! - How To Discover, Design and Drive Your Ideas From Visions to Successful Realities!" contains, eight (8) awesome tools, executive guides and a video tutorial to help you empower your visionary leadership skills!

This really powerful CD-ROM gives you our very effective toolset, including:
  • VisionQuest Mapper - this easy to use software tool helps you quickly identify, create, shape and build amazingly robust, realistic and resilient statements of your vision
  • My Leadership Performance Improvement Journal - this flexible yet totally functional progress-tracking software alerts you to potential gaps, shortfalls and roadblocks in your leadership which could prevent you from fully realizing the goals and objectives of your visionary strategies
On this CD-ROM, you will discover how these tools work together with the concepts and lessons described in the handbooks, guides and tutorial to transform you into that powerfully competent, visionary leader you were always meant to be!

Pick up your own copy of this practical CD-ROM today!

Visionary Leadership Power Tools on CD-ROM

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