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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Leadership Training & Strategic Planning Go Together!

Strategic Planning Works Best With Leadership Training!

Leadership training is an essential ingredient of effective strategic planning sessions. The more I think about that statement, the more I realize it's true. Strategic planning requires an understanding of the organizational vision, mission and the prevailing winds and market trends.

We spoke about vision preceding strategy but since a strategy must be discussed, evaluated and then planned, it's incumbent on the enterprise's leaders to set aside time and invest the sweat equity into a strategy planning retreat, session or workshop.

Now, you might wish to use some free or really low cost template and I simply must warn you against relying on those types of materials - for two reasons:
  1. Because your plan will turn into a stale, static plan with little or no passionate to it
  2. Because you will fail to consider or place enough emphasis on the most urgent priorities of your strategy and vision
In both cases, your strategic plan will forget about the "outside" world (as most plans do!) and your plan will lack the personalized dynamism and personality of your unique organization.

If you followed my advice from my Visionary Leadership (announcing our newly released CD-ROM) posting on this 'blog, you'll see that your vision forms the emotional, philosophical and spiritual basis for your strategy. And visionary leadership requires professionals, managers, executives and entrepreneurs who are sufficiently grounded in the fundamentals of leadership skills and practice.

That's why I spoke about the longer-term visionary leadership skills training program in my earlier message to you. The more of your associates, colleagues and partners involved in your strategic planning endeavors the more successful your plan is likely to be!

I hope you can see how helpful leadership training can be in these areas. Use your training, coaching and consulting service providers to help you elevate your enterprise above the madding crowds, and get going today!

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