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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Visionary Leadership Equals Strategic Executive Leadership!

Visionary Leadership Equals Strategic Executive Leadership!

A recent survey of CEOs and Managing Directors in multinational companies revealed how their organizations were preparing and planning to overcome the challenges and reverse the impacts of the pending economic slowdown in the US economy.

Many of these executive managers and entrepreneurial leadership respondents said they planned or were positioning and preparing their organizations to:
  • reduce or re-align their marketing, sales and service areas and activities,
  • others were delaying their hiring plans or postponing infrastructure expansion
  • while most executives indicated they were putting their efforts into enhancing their focus on greener pastures (such as, in various market niches or expanding existing verticals).
In the very first week of our new Visionary Leadership Power Program, you will learn how to actually produce your very own unique Vision Quest narrative (based on your understanding of the vision-questing process and your insights on 45 proven visionary opportunity areas).

During the weeks that follow you will construct, organize, implement, integrate and supervise each and every detail concerning your vision, strategic plan, business goals & objectives, training and developing your people (and yourself) to strengthen their essential skills and defining your leadership agenda to transform your vision into a robust, results-producing reality.

Our newly launched "Energize Your Strategic, Innovative & Visionary Leadership Power!" Program is a 16-week, series of multimedia, blended, active learning modules that are designed to transform your leadership effectiveness from good all the way up to powerfully productive, strategically inventive, cleverly creative, awesomely visionary.

I want you to have a few special treats - let's call them a few inducements that will make it nearly "impossible" for you to resist enroll in this power-packed, executive-level training...

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5) You'll sing a merry tune when you see your Program includes 3 in-depth video tutorials, 3 additional Tutoring & Coaching Support sessions (webinars & "live" chat), 2 Software Tools, 2 eBooks, 2 educational Papers, Articles, Mind-Maps and a 30-day Action Planning Guide booklet to keep your momentum going strong and your progress on-track!

You all these fabulous tools, resources, materials, lessons and classes for much less than the cost of your daily cup of (regular) coffee (or getting your tea and biscuit).

If you manage, supervise, lead, teach, work with, plan or coordinate the activities of people, you need this Program to help you and your team prepare for the daunting challenges of your future.

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